Our GDPR specialists will work with you to build an executable remediation plan for your GDPR readiness program.


GDPR Remediation

We ensure your third-party vendors and data processors
are operating in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Potential workstreams include:

Implementing the data privacy requirements resulting from GDPR.

Standardize the process for registering 3rd parties and screening for GDPR Risk.

Identify the third parties that require GDPR Assessment.

Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA), Collect Artefacts and act on GDPR Risk.

Trigger appropriate remedial action including Technical & IT remediation when defined risk thresholds are met. Request Your Proposal

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We work with you to protect your organisation
from security threats and data theft.


Information Security Services

The need for reliable and state of the art security practices, supported by mature organization wide security culture,
is now critical to protect organizational interests and executive reputations.

Perform risk assessments and translate the security architecture, high-level policies and controls towards security requirements (secure by design) for business and IT projects. Contribute to the architectural design and validate it against the security requirements.

We offer Penetration Testing as a service. We define the security testing requirements and penetration test scope, actively supporting the testing teams to perform these tests and approve the test reports.

We have a team of security and privacy professionals who have performed many reviews including:

Third party security risk assessments.

Digital security.

Payment security.

Identity and access management.

Security vulnerability assessments and health checks.

Compliance with legislation such as EU data protection legislation, or frameworks such as ISO 27001.

In-depth analysis and benchmarking of the maturity of the security culture across a firm including information security governance reviews.

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Our IRM specialists ensure that all potential risk of information loss, irrespective of implementation possibilities, is properly recorded in the designated tools and assure assurance process is executed according to plan.


Information Risk Management

Our IRM team delivers onboarding and compliance validation services for Suppliers providing third party IT Services,
ensuring that the supplier meets the IRM Security, Assurance & Compliance requirements set forth by IRM and agreed with the supplier.

Post the information risk assessments our team will also work on remediation and controls implementation.

We can provide privacy advise and deliver privacy impact assessments.

Ensuring compliance with the Data Privacy and other frameworks and external regulations.

Translating external regulations and industry trends into value-driven activities.

We ensure securing of all applications by applying legal & regulatory regulations to close any gaps surrounding potential risks of information loss.

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Our risk specialists have cross-market experience covering all industries including financial services, investment banks, insurance, oil & gas, retail and telecommunications. We are confident that we can get the right combination of technology, engagement and industry experience to meet your risk management needs..


Third-Party Risk & Assurance

Third party risk management activities are a key means for managing a company’s exposure arising from their service providers and business partners.

There are many risks associated with the use of third parties in financial, regulatory and operational terms. Whilst processes and services can be outsourced or shared, each organization still owns the ultimate responsibility for their organization’s risks, emanating from those activities.

We can perform remote and onsite assessments of your third parties and help you identify information security, business continuity and compliance risks.

We perform diagnostic assessments to highlight areas needing improvement through Third Party Risk Management approach.

We build entire risk management framework, with implementation programmes, establishing governance, policies and procedures.

We help organizations assess their overall value at risk, determine an appropriate response and the level of resource they will deploy to mitigate risk.

We resolve issues and problems by delivering targeted solutions that enhance or address specific areas within the overall risk management framework.

The services we offer are based on our Inventory of Third Party and Vendor Risks and leverage our Third Party and Vendor Risk Frameworks.

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