Proven Ways to Keep DDoS Attacks at Bay!

As the year 2021 is all set to wave goodbye to us, it equipped businesses with life-changing cybersecurity lessons, especially in the DDoS paradigm. Yes, you've read it correctly! Organizations witnessed more frequent and severe DDoS attacks than ever before. Surprisingly, cybersecurity experts predict more such attacks will take place in the upcoming years. So, the need for corporations to practice DDoS prevention strategies stands strongest. But, what are the ways to prevent DDoS attacks? We've got you covered! Below you will find the methods to keep DDoS attacks at bay. Keep reading!

1. Get Familiar with the Normal Network Traffic

DDoS attacks release symptoms before striking your network. All you need is to realize the regular network traffic to identify the pre-attack symbols. You can easily detect unusual hikes in network patterns or malicious activities if you are familiar with standard and everyday trends. Identifying the symptoms before a full-fledged DDoS attack takes over your network gives some time for your organization to leverage cybersecurity tactics and stop the attack en-route.

2. Sketch a DDoS Response Strategy

Prevention is better than cure. Leading companies keep the statement in the foreground and develop the most stringent DDoS response strategy on time. It's hazardous to wait for the attack to occur and then think of a response blueprint. You can collaborate with outsourcing companies to fabricate a specific DDoS response strategy for your company. Also, you are required to scale the plan and modify it according to the modern paradigms by including the latest cybersecurity mechanisms.

3. Increase Your Bandwidth

As you already know, DDoS causes traffic overflow, which the organizational bandwidth cannot handle. Since it's all about insufficient bandwidth to deal with the incoming traffic spike, you can lessen the impact by increasing the network bandwidth in your company. Although this method can prevent the less severe DDoS attacks, it cannot handle massive traffic volumes. With an increase in network bandwidth, more minor attacks can never prevent legitimate users from accessing your applications.

4. Migrate to a Cloud Platform

The third-party cloud platforms have significantly better security and response strategy towards cyber-attacks. Also, the cloud vendors provide better bandwidth and storage than on-premise data centers to handle large volumes of attacks effortlessly. Most cloud platforms provide customers with standard DDoS firewalls for free. Also, you can purchase advanced shielding mechanisms for your apps. Furthermore, most cloud vendors like AWS have DDoS Response Teams to help you manage such attacks seamlessly.

5. Outsource DDoS Prevention

Mitigating or preventing DDoS attacks can be highly challenging, with higher chances of failure for an organization. Luckily, you can resort to third-party agencies to efficiently manage DDoS attacks on your behalf.

How Can Levizo Help You?

Since Levizo is the leading information risk management company, we have the best DDoS prevention strategies for you. Leveraging years of experience managing DDoS attacks for several companies, our robust team ensures your business with better resiliency and stops DDoS traffic en-route.

Are you ready to scale your company with the best DDoS strategy? Get in touch with our expert cyber team at the earliest!

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