Ransomware Attacks are Growing. Is Your Enterprise Prepared?

A dreaded scenario and a nightmare: ransomware attacks are "everyday Halloween" for businesses of all dimensions. Despite being so dangerous and scary, ransomware attacks know no limits. These are getting more frequent with a higher degree of severity day by day. Although prevention measures from ransomware are the best, your company should brainstorm an efficient response strategy in time. So, is your company prepared to combat ransomware attacks? Or, more precisely, is your enterprise resilient enough to withstand ransomware attacks? These are the must-ask questions for your business before such a mishap strikes you down. Here's how you can get an appropriate answer.

1. Obsolete Devices

Ransomware attacks are getting more robust with better penetration capacities. Outdated devices and infrastructure with inefficient security configurations cannot bounce off ransomware attacks. So, it can be a primordial factor in gauging the preparedness of your company regarding ransomware. Ask yourself if your enterprise holds up-to-date devices or not to understand the security posture of your business.

2. Outdated Software

As you already know that cybercriminals are chiseling their campaigns, up-to-date software can help you destroy their mean attempts. Software companies release the latest security upgrades to protect your valuable data from attacks like ransomware. By the time hackers take over software security mechanisms, the developers develop more robust updates to defeat such attacks.

3. Unpatched Web Browsers and Operating Systems

Web browsers and operating systems are potential targets for ransomware attacks. Protecting these programs can help you dodge ransomware-like concerns effortlessly. How do you do so, however? By patching them, simple! Cybercriminals look for unpatched OS and browsers and penetrate them to lock sensitive data. So, check if your enterprise patches these programs in time and regularly.

4. Improper Backup Strategies

Backups have a superior position when it comes to shielding your company from dreaded attacks like ransomware. Regular and distributed backups can save your organization from immense financial and reputational losses. So, organize a catch-up with your team to investigate the in-house backing up strategies of your company. You are a potential target if the responsible teams take infrequent or no backups of corporate and customer data.

5. Low or Insufficient Investment in Cybersecurity

Companies that neglect cybersecurity-related investments are more prone to ransomware attacks. A well-managed cybersecurity program is essential to dodge complications like ransomware. However, you can measure enterprise preparedness by estimating the investment in cybersecurity systems. A standard expense implies that your business is capable of keeping ransomware at bay.

Is Your Organization Unprepared? Here is What to D

It can be a headache if the answers to all the above questions are negative. Such replies indicate that your company is unprepared to tackle ransomware or shield the data from such attacks. However, you still have time and can save your organization from such turbulence.

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