Levizo Information Risk Management Software

Leverage our IRM software to streamline & automate your Information risk management process end to end right from

Asset Identification to Information Risk Assessments
Controls & Findings Management
Controls Remediation

Key functionalities include:

  • Centralized & streamlined impact assessments reducing the time and effort to complete an end-to-end information risk management process
  • Perform quality assurance on the respective assessments to enable high quality reports
  • Perform assessments and record the results
  • Controls & Remediation module
  • Findings management & remediation plan
  • Trigger appropriate remedial action including Technical & IT remediation when the defined risk thresholds are met
  • Controls Assurance – Controls objective walkthrough template, Controls Scoping & Controls Management plan

Levizo Information Risk Management Software Demo Video


In this demo video, you will see how you can:

Manage the risks around Shadow IT and your organisations Asset Management

Centralize & streamlined impact assessments

Manage all your findings, controls and remediation for each asset.

Perform assessments and record the results

Watch the Video


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