How Can an Excellent IRM Keep Ransomware at Bay?

Have you heard about the ‘inevitable’ ransomware? Yes, it’s that buzzing cyber security issue, keeping all enterprises awake for nights. Indeed, ransomware attacks are dangerous. They can paralyze the entire business in one shot. However, referring to them as inevitable is a bit dramatic. Honestly, companies can avoid ransomware attacks, provided they get alarmed in time. Leading organizations have realized the aftermath of a brutal ransomware attack. Consequently, they believe in investing in dodging mechanisms well ahead of time. More precisely, these companies harness Information Risk Management (IRM) tools to develop a secure and resilient business environment. Can IRM prevent ransomware? Yes, it can only if the IRM program is thoughtful and well-curated. Are you wondering how IRM can keep ransomware away from your business? You’ve visited the best place if it’s a yes! Let’s discuss the potential of IRM in repelling ransomware from your company.

1. IRM Keeps Your Information Storehouse Up-to-Date Ransomware attacks are mushrooming into somethin

Keeping up with such a transitioning paradigm is challenging yet essential for a business. Thankfully, a well-crafted IRM strategy can help you understand the latest threat landscape and build a non-invasive dodging mechanism for a ransomware attack. All in all, you can keep your risk information storehouse up-to-date at any point in time through IRM and avoid such mishaps in your business.

2. Prevention from Ransomware Vector - Phishing What’s the primary ransomware vector?

Email phishing! A study reveals that phishing emails infected 47% of organizations with ransomware. Alarming, isn’t it? However, it also indicates that we can contain ransomware by controlling the vector. IRM lets you do precisely the same. A robust risk management strategy assists enterprises in suppressing phishing attempts by training the workforce as and whenever required.

3. Updated & Configured Software

Outdated software and applications are the potential gateways for ransomware into your machines. So, software companies continuously release the latest security patches to guard off user systems from ransomware and phishing attempts. A proficient IRM campaign keeps an eye on the latest updates and optimum configurations for various software. Such a consistent effort closes the avenues for attackers to infect any system in your organization and keeps ransomware at bay.

4. Fail-Proof Backup Strategy

What if all your risk management strategies failed? Would you pay the ransom and wait for the attackers to release the data? That’s a terrible idea, to be honest. The best information risk management companies like Levizo understand that paying the ransom can never be a part of the response strategy. As a support plan, the IRM program creates several backups for your data from time to time. Thus, it eliminates the need to pay the ransom and get your data released.

How Can Levizo Help You?

Levizo is the topmost IRM company having extensive experience in delivering high-quality ransomware protection solutions. Our team curates the best IRM strategy for your business, comprising all the above steps to create the hardest shield around your systems.

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